Board Members


The board of directors of the district consist of five members serving four-year terms. No person is eligible to be a board member who is not at the time of election or appointment a resident or property owner in the district. Each board member is identified by a position number. Position numbers are transferred to the successors of each board member. The district does not use zones for member elections. All board members are elected and serve at large.

Click Board Member to View Positions.

Debra Reeves       Eric Simmons        Eric Swanson       Tim Hamburger        Dave Mattison


District board meetings are held at Tillamook Station 71, 2310 4th Street, Tillamook, Oregon 97141. Meetings are the second Tuesday of the month beginning at 5:15 pm. The meeting location is accessible to persons with disabilities. A request for and interpreter for the hearing impaired, or other accommodations for persons with disabilities should be made at least 48 hours before the meeting to Tillamook Fire District, 503-842-7587.

Board minutes are available under the “Documents” tab.

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