Road Access & Water Supply

What is road access & water supply?

In the event of a fire emergency, it is critical for your local fire department to access your property with the necessary fire apparatus, equipment, and available water source to adequately minimize loss of life & property. Oregon Fire Code, and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)  establish the minimum guidelines for road access & water supply. Alternative guidelines may be adopted by the local jurisdiction having authority, subject to approval of the fire chief.

Are alternative guidelines used in Tillamook Fire District?

In 2005 the Tillamook County Fire Defense Board adopted additional guidelines for road access for all of Tillamook County.

Download Road Access Guidelines

When must you verify road access & water supply?

Tillamook County Community Development requires verification from you local fire department for road access & water supply when applying for building permits in Tillamook County. This process provides a system to ensure compliance with the adopted guidelines and any recommendations from you local fire department.

Tillamook Fire District can provide a letter of verification for road access & water supply when required. Specific information is required for Tillamook Fire District to comply with your request for verification. Upon receipt of your information and plans review – a verification letter is provided.

To minimize time, download and complete this form with as much information as possible. Bring the form along with any site plans or building plans for review. A verification letter will be provided upon acceptance and approval.

Download PDF Fire District Review & Approval Form

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