Fire Extinguisher Training

What do we offer for fire extinguisher training?

We offer hands-on experience for fire extinguisher training using the “BullEx Intelligent Training System”. The prop-enabled training system utilizes live fire that is portable, efficient, and safe to use. The system consists of stainless steel  props using clean burning propane as the fuel source. Training extinguishers use a water-air mixture that is both realistic and effective.

Where can you obtain fire extinguisher training?

Because our training props are mobile, we can provide fire extinguisher training at your facility or our facility, depending on the number of students and instructors required.

Is there a cost involved for extinguisher training?

There is no cost involved for fire extinguisher training. We provide the propane, props, extinguishers, and the instructors.

How do you request fire extinguisher training?

Call 503-842-7587 ext 224 for additional information or to schedule training.

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