Smoke Alarms

General Info

Why have a smoke alarm? The cause of most fire deaths is smoke – not flames.                             Most fire deaths and untitledinjuries occur between midnight and 8 am when people are asleep. Seconds count – you have less than three minutes to escape a house fire. The earlier a smoke alarm alerts you to a fire, the more likely you will get out alive

Oregon Requirements

Oregon law requires ionization-only smoke alarms that are solely battery-powered to come equipped with a 10-year battery and a hush feature. Some alarms with 10-year batteries are also made to be tamper proof.

Test & Replace

• Test smoke alarms before automatically changing the battery.
• Follow manufacturer instructions when testing and maintaining alarms.
• Replace all smoke alarms 10 years old or older.

Smoke Alarm Material
Frequently Asked Questions
Fire Safety for Deaf & Hard of Hearing
Smoke Alarm & Carbon Monoxide Chart
Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

Additional smoke alarm  information available at the Office of State Fire Marshal:

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